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Published May 07, 21
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Deterioration of the thread condition for any factor will change the torque-tension relationship, and Kulak has actually displayed in an ASCE paper that in as low as three days out of protected storage, one-third of all the twist-off bolts evaluated did not establish the required pretension at break-off. A490 Tension Control Bolts. Extra research studies carried out by the University of Toronto show TC bolts efficiency is negatively impacted by temperature and humidity modifications.

If completion shears off throughout snugging, the bolt needs to be discarded and changed. Right away, or as quickly as possible after snugging, apply the shear wrench to each bolt till the tool twists the splined end off and releases the wrench. If the joint remains snugged for more than a day or perhaps one shift, extra tension calibrator screening might be needed, to assure representative samples have been tested.

What Are Tension Control Bolts?

Tension control bolts, also called TC or twist-off-bolts, are construction fasteners that connect steel joints in structural applications. They are considered high-strength bolts, which contribute to long-lasting steelwork connections.

What Are TC Bolts?

TC bolts are provided as a fastener assembly, complete with a nut and washer, which means that time and labor are saved during installation.

What are two major contributions to the self-calibration of TC bolts?

The first is lubrication. The second is the depth of the groove between the spline and the threaded portion that comprises the bolt.

Assessment The inspector Verify Pre-Installation Confirmation has actually been performed. Confirm assemblies in the steel work match the condition of bolts evaluated during Pre-Installation confirmation or get rid of non-similar bolts for additional stress calibrator screening.

The inspector: Accept Pre-Installation test results on brand-new fasteners to represent assemblies that are not in similar condition, due to direct exposure to the aspects. Accept TC bolts unassembled or allow individual element replacement. Enable relubrication by anybody other than the manufacturer. Accept TC manufacturer MTR test leads to lieu of real on-site Pre-Installation confirmation testing. A325 Tension Control Bolts.

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TC Bolt Advisories Non-powered handbook TC tools DO NOT result in minimum pretension. Studies conducted by the University of Toronto in 2004 and 2007 showed: TC bolts act differently in a Hydraulic Stress Calibrators (Skidmore) than they do when installed in steelwork.

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Revise the Spec for TC bolts to be needed to reach 1. Consist of the "damp" condition as part of the confirmation requirements.

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